Door County Wisconsin's Premier Vacation Guide

The Blue Ox

8151 State Rd. 57, Baileys Harbor, WI,
This is a Paul Bunyan place in the heart of Baileys Harbor - and a large painting of Paul with his Blue Ox, Babe, graces the wall to the right as you enter.

This is a rustic old tavern and food establishment that serves sandwiches and other items. Pot belly stoves, antiques, harnesses and yokes, a wooden airplane propeller, kerosene lanterns, rakes, canteens, rifles, and powder horns adorn the wooden walls of this local hang-out.

There is wood, wood, wood everywhere - wood walls, wooden bar, wooden tables - dark brown wood as far as the eye can see. You can also find 2 pool tables, a puck-bowling machine, a couple of electronic dart machines, a juke box, and the famous "get the ring on the bull's nose" game: a metal ring is suspended by a fishing line from the ceiling; on the facing wall is a wooden bull head, with a hook for a nose. You have to stretch out the line, hold the ring, and release it just right to get the ring to hook onto the nose - it's really tough to do! You can find the bull's head on the far wall, between the two pool tables.

We have eaten lunch here several times, and the food has always been good. They make a great 1/3 pound burger - we had one with grilled onions, lettuce and tomato, served with a pickle wedge and a bag of chips. It was juicy and wonderful - one of the best burgers around Door County.

They have pizza, too. Not the home made kind; the frozen kind, but it was good and reasonably priced - great for kids.

This is a very family-friendly place by day. When we dined in the last time, families filled every table, and some dined at the bar. At night, it's a bar with lots of local folks, talking and having fun.

This no-pretense, no flash kind of place is refreshing - we like the Blue Ox in Baileys Harbor!