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  1. "Great sight. Keep it up. Very informative",  - Liliana P.  
  2. Thanks again for the wonderful website! My wife and I used it in the fall for a quick trip and it helped to make for a wonderful trip.  Most sincerely  -  Henry B.

  3. I enjoy everything about your website.  It makes it easy to plan a getaway.  We try to get away to Door County 2 or 3 times a year.  Keep up the good work.  - Jeanne S

  4. Thank you so much for the very interesting and informative Facebook page - love it.... (and website): Love the weekly schedule and all the updates on lodging - you make it so easy to Navigate.  Thank you!  - Ann W.

  5. Sure enjoy your page, lets me know what's happening while I'm not able to be up there with you all. - Ann W. 

  6. Whenever someone says they are headed up to Door County I always tell them to check out your web page! - Joyce S. 

  7. About our Facebook page: "Love seeing Door County on FB! We visit two to three times a year! Seeing the posts brings back special memories of our past visits to the Door... and great web site!!!   -Judy B.

  8. I love the treasure map game!!!  i have found so many cool places in Door County with that game!  - Terri C.

  9. I really appreciate the videos. I have been staying in Ephraim for years and never knew about the "Ephraim Wetlands Preserve". Since viewing your video, it is on our must visit list this year. Each year we discover something new from watching the videos. Keep up the good work. - Milt

  10. I just wanted to take a moment to say that you have a terrific website. I'm sitting here at my desk before work and am enjoying myself immensely just browsing. No matter how many times I come to this site it never gets old.

    My wife and I have been to Door County many times but when we can't be there, "surfing" this website is almost as good ... and it brings back some great memories at the same time. I can literally spend hours just going from place to place and looking at things, reading reviews, and watching videos. Thanks again and keep up the great work! -Wayne N.

  11. I can't believe it took me this long to discover your wonderful website. I love everything Door County and your website is helping me enjoy it every day . . . I have sung the praises of Door County to lots of friends and now many of these people vacation there. Some have even moved there . . . I've shared my discovery of your website with friends and acquaintances and continue to enjoy it daily. Thank you for the joy it adds to my life and keep up the good work. -Melody L.

  12. I just wanted to write and tell you that you guys at DCN do a great job. I always consult your site before our yearly trip to Door County. We haven't had a bad experience yet! This year we will be staying at the Thorp House… largely due to the very positive review I read on your site. - Eric O.

  13. "I always find something new that I was not aware of. I think some of the video's have been outstanding and have stimulated me to try new places!" -Milton A.

  14. Door County Navigator was useful in helping us find appropriate lodging and great activities. It is a priceless site for anyone visiting the DC area. We are returning to Door County . . . and once again, I am on Door County Navigator to make our plans!

    "You guys have done a great job on updating the site recently and adding alot of information and options while maintaining it's "user friendly" navigation. So much more for everyone to see and get a better feel of Door County.

    I have to be honest and tell you that I never really knew about all the things there were to do and see in Door County nor did I realize there were so many wonderful types of accommodations.

    The accommodation links and descriptions within the "DCN" site are very informative and again, give you a better feel of the Door County environment, dining, shopping and activities, not just for couples but for families as well.

    Only after viewing the site and going through the Treasure Map links do I now wish to make Door County a yearly vacation spot." -Catherine Y.

  15. I think your site is tremendous! My girlfriend and I have used your information to help us find B&B's for our last two trips to Door County. They have been beyond our expectations each time. We have also dined at some wonderful restaurants thanks to your reviews. - Eric O.

  16. First off I want to tell you how helpful your site has been in planning our upcoming holiday to Door County. Although we have been before, it has been a couple of years and the site helped bring me up to date! - Maureen R. Y.

  17. We'll be there in a few weeks for an extended family reunion, and appreciate your website, and all the wonderful things to do in Door County that you give information about. - Tish P.

  18. I think Door County Navigator is a great site. The most useful part, to me, is all of the reviews for restaurants and hotels. Your reviews have never steered me wrong. I enjoy the way "Fresh Paint on the Door" allows me to stay in touch with what's new. - Lori B.

  19. "I enjoy the Navigator and the information that it provides. I have been visiting Door County for many years, as I have family there. But I can still find good information on your site. Thanks!" - Mary R.

  20. "Door County is definitely the best on the web. And I appreciated the advice I got through 'Ask the Navigator' " -Sharif H

  21. “Your site is fantastic. I used it to do all of my research on the area when I planned the trip and have recommended it to several others since.” –Dave

  22. “What a WONDERFUL time we had over the 4th!!!! We went to all of the "hot" spots and mentioned that we heard about them through the www.doorcountynavigator com!!!! We did have such a wonderful time and I can't thank you enough! We did sample a lot: Trio, White Gull Inn (for breakfast and the fish boil), Wilsons, Old Post Office. We will definitely be going back to Door County and especially to!!!!!! Look forward to checking out the latest updates on the website!!!” -Christy K

  23. “We are staying at the Landings and yes we did use the site to help plan our stay - lodging, dining and entertainment!” -Joseph

  24. “I've checked out the site and think it's great! My favorite section is "Guys-Be a Hero!" Lots of great ideas in there :) I've also passed the site address along to friends who travel the woodlands of the Midwest as well as those who probably should.” –Ann Marie

  25. “Hi, we were pleasantly surprised to find your website about Door County. After not having been to The Door for many years we are having a family reunion there over the Fourth of July. We are looking forward to seeing all the changes and your insights helped prepare us for our return adventure!” -Dave & Edie E.

  26. “I reviewed your site last nite. It was great. My family has plans to go to Door County . . . and your site will be a big help in regards to attractions, dining and weather forecast.” -Edward R

  27. “What a well-done website! I wasn't sure if we wanted to go to Door Co. in the winter but your website convinced me! Very witty and welcoming!” –Mary M.

  28. “I thought the "21 Things to do in Winter" was especially good....I can already taste the White Gull Inn breakfast....” -Mary M

  29. “It's a super site! Fun, informative, and easy to use. You can bet I'll be recommending it to my friends who want the scoop on a great time in Door County!” –Anon

  30. “BTW, nice site. Clean, but with lots of information.” –Nancy S.

  31. “I like your website. We are planning a trip . . . and want to spend a week in Wisconsin. It has been helpful to learn about Door County!” -Jim & Anne L.

  32. “The website was great! It was both fun and informative.” -Lori and Joel H.

  33. “Many great recommendations and ideas on your site, but no map!” -Fleurrette S. (P.S. - we listened to you and added them!)

  34. “I visited your Door County site. Love the lighthouse! I still keep in touch with 3 or 4 Milwaukee friends. I will send it to them. I enjoyed the site very much!” -Sara B.

  35. “Keep up the great website!” -Dr. Jim

    "Your website is so unlike the rest of the Door County sites - I have to admit I've found out about several places that I never knew existed until I found your site, despite the fact that I stay in Door County several times a year. Keep up the great work!" -Lori B.

  36. "My husband and I love reading the information on your site! One of the best Door County sites we've seen. We appreciate all the reviews! " - Mary W.

  37. "It is obvious that the work you do is done fully and well, truly deserving the awards of excellence . . . The Door County Navigator deserves recognition and seems like a site 'built to last.' " - Rocky

  38. Love your website. Use it every year before our vacation to Door County and have been very pleased with the quality spots we have visited and dined at due to your reviews. Keep up the good work!! - Pat S.

  39. I can't believe how helpful this site is. I found so much information and I really appreciate the reviews. It makes it seem so much more personal and not so generic. Thanks again for the personal recommendation. We are leaning towards the Shallows. If I have any further questions, I will gratefully ask again and I will recommend your site to everyone I know! - Joanne P.

  40. I really enjoy the site and have used much of your information on our trips to Door County. We've taken your advice and gone to many of the restaurants and have liked all of them. Fred & Fuzzy's is the greatest place to have a meal on a summer day. . .Thanks again for your reviews, they have given me some ideas for the next time we visit. - Sharon O.


  42. I just checked out your site for the first time, it is awesome! You have everything in there, and it's so easy to find whatever you are looking for. Great job. - Mark Z.

  43. My husband and I visit Door County 3 or 4 times a year, and each time we go, we use your website to help plan our trip. We even found 2 very romantic places that we stayed on our honeymoon 3 years ago, thanks to your site. It is nice that you have the calendar of events, and also that you tell what places have special package deals going on. Thank you! - Joy P.

  44. We did find (a wonderful B&B) on your website. I use your site frequently, whenever we go to Door County and I have discovered a lot of new things through your site. I have also referred your site to friends. Keep up the good work! -Suzanne G.

  45. We just wanted to tell you that this (Door County Navigator) was a great web-site. Your reviews on the lodging places really helped us to pick the one that would work for us. We stayed at the Westwood Waterfront Resort and enjoyed it so much we ended up staying there 5 nights instead of the 2 we originally planned on. What a wonderful place. The list of 28 things to do in Door County also helped us as well. Thank you for an accurate description. The "fish boils" were delicious. We will return again to Door County. A beautiful peninsula.
    - Sam & Carm

  46. "Your website has been very helpful to us, we come to the Door every chance we can.
    Thank you." -Cindy W.

  47. "We had a very good trip and our stay at Bailey's Beachfront Inn was awesome. Tammy does a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and is always checking on "how things are". Our room was great - clean and nice. I would recommend BBFI to everyone and intend to stay there again. Door County was a great place to visit and we had a great time." -Marlene H.

  48. Thank you for all the info I have found on this site! I just took my first trip to Door County, and LOVED IT! I found a review for the Newport resort on your website. I took it on faith, and was very pleased. It is surprisingly even NICER than the reviewer said. (how often does that happen in life J) Egg Harbor is beautiful! In fact the whole area is. I used your recommendations for restaurants, and was never disappointed. I just needed more time to see everything Thanks, we are already planning a return trip, to see the rest of it. We will be using your site again to make our future plans! -Donna C.

  49. I wanted to thank you for terrific website! We used your information to the fullest. Drove to Fish Creek for the Fish Boil . . .delicious. Sunday we went to the Dairy View Country Store, what a neat place, then took the ferry over to Washington Island. Then we had a day of shopping, seeing 8 out of 10 lighthouses. I went parasailing in Ephraim . . . Then we went on John Mayberry's Carriage Ride. What a great way to end a beautiful, terrific trip. We owe all to your website. Thanks again for making our trip a memorable one. Keep up the great work. We can't wait to go to Door County next year for our new adventures. -Tammy S.