Sunset Park - Fish Creek

Another wonderful Gem in Door County is Sunset Park in Fish Creek. It really is a very small area, right on the bay waters. You will find three benches up on the grassy area, but when you walk down the stony path to the water’s edge, this is where the views are breathtaking, the sound of the waves inspiring, and the best place to skip stones in Door County!

If you know where the White Gull Inn is, you probably already know about Sunset Park. If you are heading north on Hwy 42 from Egg Harbor, when you get to the bottom of the hill in Fish Creek, instead of continuing on Hwy 42 north (right), turn left (be careful – cars coming from the north do NOT have a stop sign). If you are coming from the north, heading south on Hwy 42, then, instead of turning left onto Hwy 42 continuing south to Egg Harbor, go straight. Go past the White Gull Inn, or park anywhere near there. And walk as far as you can to then end of the road. You can walk on the road, or actually stroll down the path in the woods across the road from the White Gull Inn.

There you will find Sunset Park. This is a great place to skip stones on the water. Plenty of stones are available! The views of the islands and the coastline are pleasant, soothing, and rejuvenating. It is a peaceful place. We even go down in the winter to see the frozen bay – it is a humbling view, where nature inspires us with her beauty and vastness. In the Midwest, there aren’t many places like this!

If you are having breakfast at the White Gull Inn, and you have to wait, take a short walk. We even know a couple who were engaged sitting right on one of the three benches here at Sunset Park – it’s that kind of a place.

Enjoy! We always do! Maybe we’ll see you down there!

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