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Sweetie Pies

91106 State Rd 42, Fish Creek, WI,
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Winter Hours

10am - 4pm: Saturday - Mondays

Every once in a while we discover something that is so outstanding, we can’t wait to tell you about it. Well, hang on to your sweet tooth, because we have found Sweetie Pies!  Pies. . . Made in Door County!

Sweetie Pies Pie & Coffee ShoppeOpen since 1995, we have driven by Sweetie Pies hundreds of times. In the Settlement Shops between Egg Harbor (to its south) and Fish Creek (to its north), Sweetie Pies is easy to miss, and convenient to drive by. Well, here’s our advice: STOP! Turn into the Settlement Shops, find Sweetie Pies (it is in an old house and its sign is visible from Hwy 42), park, go in and buy some of the best pie we have ever had. Yes. This is good stuff!

You walk into a small, cozy little entry, that has 3 indoor tables and some chairs, while jars of jams and jellies line a shelf, along with colorful ceramic pie crocks and other related gift items. Three outdoor tables offer a respite and great pace to eat your slice of pie and drink your coffees.

When you enter, several shelves of pie great you, along with the aroma of a fresh bakery. Dave and Carrine Lea, the new owners since 2003, have the recipe of success down pretty well.

Fish Creek PiesWe sampled a slice of apple pie – mouth-watering flavor, with a hint of ginger, flaky, sugar sprinkled crust. Scrumptious. That’s it. Scrumptious. You want more. You’re sad at the last forkful. But wait – we thought of a better idea. We purchased a whole Door County Cherry pie, and took it back to our crew of taste testers. Reaction: 9 out of 9 of our taste testers said: “Wow! This is awesome pie!!”

As you can see, the pies are not only luscious they are beautiful. Plumped up, and loaded with fruit, and topped by a delicate flaky crust. Hang, on, I have to test another piece. Yum.

Door County Cherry PieWell, most pies you buy have about 4 or maybe 5 cups of fruit in them – we’ve all had cherry pie with lots of gelatin-type filling all around the few pieces of cherry in there. Not so here. These are loaded with cup after cup of fruit – what a delight! And the apple pies have almost 3 pounds of apples. The flavor is rich and satisfying – you pop a forkful in your mouth and you know instantly, “This is great pie. I want more.”

The crew works very hard to keep the quality very high. You can purchase pie by the piece, or, well, by the pie – and there are about 25 varieties! The regular sized pies are the Sweetie Pies, and retail for about $16 - $24 depending upon the ingredients. Small, two-piece pies, called “Cutie Pies,” are also available for about $10. Or test them by the slice right in the shop or to-go.

For a quick on the spot treate, just grab a pie pocket in your favorite flavor - a small little pocket of pie (may 3 inches long) filled with you choice of fruit etc.  Nice!

Home-made, hand-rolled pies in an abundant variety: Apple, Apple Carmel Walnut, Cherry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Triple Berry (very popular), Peach, Peach Raspberry, Pecan, Chocolate Pecan (I want this one), Pumpkin, cream pies and more – you will find a pie to suit your taste, and the taste will suit your pie-loving craving.

Like Chocolate? Well, here is I.C. Chocolates!

OK, well – you are still in the right place! From October through Mother’s Day in May, Sweetie Pies makes chocolates – awesome chocolates. How about some cherry cordials – made of course with real Door County cherries? Or are you in the mood for chocolates in animal shapes? Dogs, turtles, polar bears, and more. They love animals so much at Sweetie Pies that a portion from the sale of certain items goes to the “All Creatures Home for Animals.” Nice.

Chocolate Cherry Toffee Fudge GiftsFrom holiday chocolates, to nut clusters to homemade toffee and lots of liqueur truffles – you have stopped at the right place.

On our last trip to Sweetie Pies, we tested the pie pockets and then purchased 5 Cutie Pies for ourselves and neighbors.  You can't miss with these pies - they are that good!

Open 9AM – 7PM daily, Sunday 10 – 5 during peak season. Open some winter hours too, usually Saturday - Monday.  Call to be sure.

Take one home. In fact, they sell them frozen that you can bake at home. Or, they will ship them. And they can ship chocolates too. See, you can’t avoid it! Let’s face it, everybody wants a Sweetie Pie. Try one, and tell them you found them on! “We’ll be back.” And so will you!

Open on weekends in the winter too!

For your convenience, here is a peek at their website. To open it fully, click the link on the lower left of the frame. Click here to open full page