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Seeing Door County from the water is an unbelievable experience.  Great fun!

Stiletto Sailing CruisesAnd off the coast of Ephraim is an ideal place to start, right aboard one of a pair of 30 foot catamarans, run by Stiletto Sailing Cruises, at the end of South Shore Pier in Ephraim!

We called in our reservations for two, for a 2:30 PM sail, arrived at about 2:15, and boarded one of the catamarans shortly after.  These are great, steady sailing boats that can do up to 20 knots in good wind!   Up to six passengers at a time can head out on this adventure.  The Captain hands out life vests for little ones and for anyone who wants to wear one.  You board, and sit on the cushioned-backed bench seats towards the stern of the boat, with the captain at the helm.   Bring your camera for sure, because you may get some memorable shots!

The Cruise
You motor out for about 5 minutes or so, until the captain assesses the wind situation, then hoists the mainsail.  When it catches the wind, you are under wind power only, then the Captain raises the headsail, and we were doing about 10-12 knots, cutting through the water, with a nice breeze in our faces.

Our boat had a family of four from Decatur Illinois, and the two passengers.  Everyone was enjoying the sail!  Pretzels and water are aboard for anyone who wants to partake.  You see islands off the boat; we saw the para-sailing boat in the distance; and other sail boats are bobbing around and cruising through the Green Bay waters.

We headed out of our seats to the bow of the catamaran, where a rip-stop fabric stretches from hull to hull – and yep, you can lie down on it or sit on it and really feel the boat slicing through the water, with the wind in your face!  Lots of fun!

The Captain will point out some features as you sail along, like Peninsula State Park, the bluffs, and more.   Our Captain spends 6 months a year here in Door County and 6 months in Maui sailing boats – so he has a ton of experience.

We reached as far as Sister Bay, and saw the Sister Bay shoreline off in the distance.  We bounced off the waves of a couple of passing power boats, but our Captain turned the catamaran to meet the waves at our side, to avoid the nose of our boat raising out of the water and crashing down.  These boats cut through the water quickly because there is very little surface touching the water – just the twin hulls, one on each side.  These things can float in only 18 inches of water!

Our 80 – 85 minutes passed much too quickly for all of us aboard, and soon we were coming-about to head back to South Shore Pier in Ephraim.

Sail Away!
Stiletto Sailing Cruises offers up to 7 cruises a day – depending on the weather, and does a first-class job of making this a fun adventure for all ages.   The last cruise, a sunset cruise, is slightly longer a costs a bit more – but seeing a Door County sunset from the water is spectacular!  We had a blast out on the water with Stiletto, and would do it again in a heartbeat. and we have!  They run June through September, weather permitting.

Check their website for more details and pricing.  We thought this was a very reasonable deal, for a whole lot of fun!   We recommend that you make advanced reservations (1 – 7 days before your cruise), so that you are assured of a spot aboard one of their boats, at the time you want.

Make a cruise with Stiletto Sailing Cruises a part of your next Door County adventure – you must see Door County from the water, and Stiletto will take you there!  When you call for reservations, please tell the crew that told you to come aboard!

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