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South Shore Pier, Inc.

PO Box 354, 9993 Water St., Ephraim, WI
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Door County is full of fun things to do for all ages, and we just spoke with Dave Nelson, one of the owners of South Shore Pier, Inc. in the heart of Ephraim, about more fun available for your entire family!

South Shore Pier, Inc.The pier in Ephraim is located right across from The Ephraim Inn, and Wilson's Restaurant.

You will find every water activity you want right here, and South Shore Pier, Inc. specializes in pontoon boats, paddleboats and Waverunners(tm), which are your personal water craft!

In 2013, Dave has brought in a fresh fleet of Waverunners(tm) - so all new, waiting for you!South Shore Pier 2013 Waverunners for FB

This family-run business started in the 1960's, and has been in the same family all along.  We like to find business with this long, family history.  The staff was friendly and efficient, and at most times during the season, you'll find about 6 staff members on hand so you don't have to wait for service.    Driving along Highway 42 through Ephraim, you can't miss the activity happening at South Shore Pier.  Look for their sign and their building, park the car (there is a parking lot available for the pier) and have some fun!

Pontoon Boats
South Shore Pier, Inc. has about 12 pontoon boats available for rental, in various sizes to accommodate different sized groups.  Their largest  pontoon boat can hold up to 12 people.  This 25 footer offers a great solution for a large family or group outing, while offering plenty of room to move around while on board.    The 22 footers can hold up to 8 passengers, while the smallest 2o footers can hold up to 6 passengers.   Families absolutely love taking one of these pontoons out on the sparkling waters and there are many suggested routes you can from your base, heading north as far as Sister Bay, or south all the way to Fish Creek.  And, the oldest pontoon boat is a 2011! These guys keep their fleet fresh, which is great for our users!

We watched as a family of 6 headed back in from an excursion.  Don't worry - you don't have to dock the boat by yourself!  South Shore Pier, Inc. staff will meet you at the end of the pier and park it for you.  This family had been to the State Park beach, about 20 minutes away by pontoon boat.  You can swim off the boat (there's a ladder), enjoy the sun, or shade yourself with the canopy too.  What family fun!  And don't worry if you have never piloted one before; the friendly and competent staff will provide instructions before you head out!

You can take the pontoons out for a minimum of 2 hours, but you can also choose to take them out for 3 or 4 hours, or for the entire day.  There is an hourly fee, plus you pay only for the gas you use.   Life preservers, of course, are provided for all aboard.  And South Shore Pier, Inc. gets new pontoon boats about every 4 - 5 years, so you are always aboard a virtually new one.  Have fun!

Always had the urge to head out onto the open waters on your own personal water craft?  Well, now you can in Door County.  Enjoy Ephraim's magnificent coastline from the water aboard a two-seater Waverunner(tm).

There is nothing else like it as you zip through the water on a Waverunner(tm) and enjoy the beauty of Door County from the water.  See the islands and bluffs, the shoreline, the sun glimmering off the waters.

When it's hot out, the Waverunners(tm) are running all the time, so book yours early BEFORE you get to Door County.  The driver must be 18 or older (passenger can be virtually any age).  "Waverunners(tm) are such a blast," one young man told us as he finished his run.  Currently,South Shore Pier, Inc. has 4 Waverunners(tm) waiting for you to enjoy the time of your life!  South Shore Pier, Inc. told us that they keep the equipment new, and change out the Waverunners(tm) every 2 years.    Gas is included with the rental hourly fee.

Want some old-fashioned fun that everyone will enjoy?  Head out of the harbor aboard a paddleboat!  Two adults and a child can fit on one boat, as you paddle your way around the harbor area.  Kids love it, and so do the adults.  So head out and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun!

General Wisconsin Law About Renting Water Motorcraft
Dave informed us that Wisconsin has a new law regarding the rental of motorized watercraft.  So here it is for your convenience, so that you can "Be in the Know Before You go!(tm).

Wisconsin Law: The Wisconsin Legislature has recently passed a Mandatory Boating Education bill.  This bill requires anyone born on or after January 1 1989 and at least 16 years of age to have a boating safety certificate to operate a motorboat on Wisconsin's waterways.

So, if you are born after January 1 1989 and want to rent either a Waverunner(tm) or pontoon boat, then you will need to have this safety certificate.  The good news is that South Shore Pier, Inc. can administer the "common sense" test to you right on the premises, and if you pass you will have a temporary certificate, and you'll be good to go.  There is a small fee for the test (like $10), but it is worth it to have this available right on the pier.  No worries!

South Shore Pier, Inc.  is one fun place for the entire family!  Discover them, and you will discover all these fun things you can do with your family in Door County, as you enjoy part of the 250 miles of coastline that we all enjoy here in Door County!

So next time you are heading to Door County, book your pontoon boat or Waverunner(tm) ahead of time so you are sure to get one (3rd week of July - August are busy times), and you will have a great time on some of Door County's gorgeous bay waters!  And don't forget to mention to Dave and the staff that guided you right to their pier! - that helps keep this site alive & well . . . for you!

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