Door County Wisconsin's Premier Vacation Guide

Peninsula State Park Golf Course

PO Box 275, Fish Creek, WI
Consistently the number one destination for golfers of all levels visiting Door County.

For the avid and seasoned diehard, Peninsula offers a range of challenges that will often leave you shaking in disbelief but, nonetheless, thoroughly satisfied and regretting that it’s over after that final putt drops on 18. Peninsula offers a slope of between 118 and 122. But don’t be misled. These numbers belie the adventures ahead. During the peak season, make sure to call in advance for tee times. If you don’t, you can still get lucky by waiting in line at or before 7:00 A.M..

For the less practiced golfer, you will be treated to scenic landscape and breathtaking views of the bay and surrounding towns that will allow you to momentarily set aside this utterly frustrating sport to just inhale nature. Enjoy it for all it’s worth but remember to keep pace with the group ahead. Even if you "pick up" and walk a little, you’ll still get your moneys worth (only $22.00 for 18 holes during peak season).

Those of you who are used to the manicured greens and fairways of country club golf, Peninsula will leave you wanting. But, what it has to offer will more than makes up for the lack of those tight lies that you probably can’t hit anyway! The elevation changes alone will both entice your senses and confuse club selection. (Tip: Shooting up, take more club. Shooting down, take less club.) Peninsula’s signature hole, number 8, is a good example. It’s all of 69 yards (par 3) and straight. Half of your group will miss the green simply because of club selection. Double-bogey is not unusual. This is also true on 10. A treacherous hole—you may need Dramamine after you finish this one.

If your home course is flat and you normally walk, seriously consider taking a cart. Even if you are fit, Peninsula will aerobically challenge you. Finally, our most important tip: Always, always keep track of where the bay is. On the green, your ball will roll towards it. Believe it and you save 5-6 strokes on your round. Deny it and you’ll be buying drinks on 19. Skeptics beware and learn a lesson on 9.

Other amenities include a driving range, where slicers on the 9th tee will lose their drive and casually walk up to a striped ball and play it; a putting green—test our last tip above, a nice snack bar—the ham and eggs are great (especially if you were out late the night before) and an adequate pro-shop.