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Made In Britain Ltd

7828 Rt 42 (in Main Street Shops), Egg Harbor, WI,

Winter Hours

Daily from May-Dec; and Friday & Saturday Jan. - April

What a fabulous shop in Egg Harbor!  What a Find!

NOTE:  We just spoke with Gary who just returned from London, and he says lots of new items coming this spring and summer at Made in Britain!  We can't wait to see the new things!

Wow!  What a fabulous shop of all goodies Made in Britain!  From foods like pudding and cakes, teas and teapots of course,  Dr. Who, Monty Python, and Beatles stuff to metal signs, pub glassware and lots more.  You will love looking through this shop and marveling at all the wonderful things that surround you!Made in Britain goods in the Egg Harbor Wi shop

On the second floor of the Main Street Shops is one fabulous and unique shop: Made in Britain! Walk in and you are surrounded by 100s of items made in Britain, British music and Gary, the owner, who knows everything.

We took a tour of the shop and spent a couple of hours with the owner, Gary Sedan, to get the full run down. Now, “Mind the Gap,” sit back, relax and read the rest – you will be glad you discovered this one-of-a-kind shop! Great gifts and goodies for yourself and your friends!

This shop is full or merchandise from Britain, like officially licensed Beatles t-shirts, and Monty Python t-shirts, and Dr. Who gear as well. This isn’t just stuff from Britain that you will find anywhere. Gary and his wife go to England every year, and they have gotten to know the manufacturers, and so they purchase most of the goods in the shop directly from them! So you will see many items here not only unique to Door County, but may be to the whole United States!

You will find other t-shirts here as well, like Mind the Gap, Underground (of course the subway system) and lots more. There are Beatles posters – signs that are replicas from British posters from the 1960s. How nostalgic!   British umbrellas, Scottish t-shirts, and even Mr. Bean gear!

So everything in the shop is imported from Britain, and a lot Gary and his wide import themselves. Unique stuff that you will love to discover.

And there s a Sample Table where you can sample some delicacies from Britain – more on this wonderful part of the shop in a minute! Just head for the Have A Taste sign!

I asked Gary what makes his shop special. He said there are four things:

1.  The Sample Table: a few dozen items grace this table that Gary says is “the best sample table in Door County!” So we had to graze a bit at the Sample Table and see what the fuss was about. We tried some of the big sellers: British Curds (no, not cheese, these are fruit butters. Awesome! We LOVED the Key Lime Curd – this is simply the best Key Lime flavor we have tasted – better than key Lime pies we Made in Britain Sample Table in Egg Harbor Wi shophave had. Wow! More favorites: Lemon Curd – delicious for you lemon lovers; Sticky Toffee Sauce – only awesome can explain this one! You MUST try it. And then we forced ourselves to have some Cadbury Milk Chocolate spread – um, WOW. Have you had Nutella? Well, this is just chocolate and it is rich and unlike anything you have ever tasted. The fruit curds, from a family-run business in a small town in North Wales, can be used as a topping on toast, scones or even on desserts like on a slice of pound cake. Really, you can spend half an hour at this Sample Table – Gary may be right – this is one heck of a sample table! We loved it (and had to make some purchases as well)!

2.  “This is a fun place to shop,” Gary said. From the inviting look of the shop, the sample table, the music and all the unique products Gary has assembled, it IS a fun place to shop!

3.  Gary then said in this shop, “everyone will find something intriguing.” That’s a guarantee we think – if you don’t find something in here that just makes you smile and say yeah then you are not looking hard enough. Go back to the Sample Table!Made in Britain Gary Sedan with Curd in Egg Harbor Wi shop

4.  Gary, as we mentioned, imports directly. That means his keen eye for unique items brings together an ensemble of merchandise you likely will find no other place!

And yes – there are even British candy bars for sale. Don’t get fooled by American Cadbury bars and British Cadbury bars – we have had both, and the quality of the British bars puts to shame the American ones!

Even bath and body products, cups and ceramics, key chains – you name it. Gary has found it for you.

A woman was purchasing some PK Tips Tea and I asked her about it. She said it’s some of the best tea in the world. We did a search and wow does it get great reviews!

You’ll find it all at Made in Britain! So stop in Egg Harbor, head to the Main Street Shops, and go straight to Made in Britain. And you will come out with a bunch of goodies. Don’t worry, “Let it be, let it be, let it be!”

In the the Main Street Shops in Egg Harbor, Made in Britain shines as a true gem not only in this shopping complex, but in Door County.  Some winter hours too! This is truly a unique shop - and if you are interested in anything British, then come on down!  Tell Gary, the owner, that sent you!

MAde in Britain Beatles shirts in Egg Harbor Wi shopMade in Britain Python shirts in Egg Harbor Wi shop


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