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Ephraim Family Sing-A-Longs

Ephraim Village Hall - Call Visitor Center, Ephraim, WI,
On summer Sunday evenings at 7:30 PM, the Ephraim Village Hall hosts a fun, terrific sing-a-long fit for all ages!

Door County Sing-A-LongsThe Village Hall is quaint to begin with, but seeing it filled with people on a Sunday evening reminds you of small town scenes from movies . . .and there you are, IN the scene yourself!

The evening we attended, a vibrant, very vocal, animated and effective man, who kept things very interesting for the entire hour, led the sing-a-long. Walk in, pick up a music book, find a seat and get ready to sing songs from “If You Knew Susie” and other great tunes from old musicals and the 40’s, to “America The Beautiful”. The leader even involved the kids in the audience, inviting them up to the stage.

We attended the Sunday after 4th of July, and the leader finished off with the program with a tribute to the armed forces of America. We sang each of the four military branch theme songs: From “The Halls of Montezuma,” for the U.S. Marines; “Anchors Away,” for the Navy, “Off we Go Into the Blue Yonder” for the Air Force, and the “Caisson Song” (later changed in 1917 to a march by Sousa) for the Army. We segued into “You’re A Grand Old Flag,” and finished with “God Bless America.”

The truly poignant part was that the leader had asked, prior to starting the last segment, that any men and women who had served in the military to please stand during the time their division song was being sung. And for each of the four divisions, there were people who had served, and heartfelt applause broke out for each – it was a touching moment, and really capped off a lovely evening.

Refreshments like cookies, apple juice, popcorn and cotton candy were available afterwards – only if you folded up your own chair and stacked it against the wall – which everyone did of course.

We highly recommend this evening of sing-a-along at the Ephraim Village Hall. Get there early enough to get a nice seat; and tune up your voice for an evening of great fun! Check with the Village on schedules.