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Sunset Park - Fish Creek

Another wonderful Gem in Door County is Sunset Park in Fish Creek. It really is a very small area, right on the bay waters. You will find three benches up on the grassy area, but when you walk down the stony path to the water’s edge, this is where the views are breathtaking, the sound of the waves inspiring, and the best place to skip stones in Door County!

If you know where the White Gull Inn is, you probably already know about Sunset Park. If you are heading north on Hwy 42 from Egg Harbor, when you get to the bottom of the hill in Fish Creek, instead of continuing on Hwy 42 north (right), turn left (be careful – cars coming from the north do NOT have a stop sign). If you are coming from the north, heading south on Hwy 42, then, instead of turning left onto Hwy 42 continuing south to Egg Harbor, go straight. Go past the White Gull Inn, or park anywhere near there. And walk as far as you can to then end of the road. You can walk on the road, or actually stroll down the path in the woods across the road from the White Gull Inn.

There you will find Sunset Park. This is a great place to skip stones on the water. Plenty of stones are available! The views of the islands and the coastline are pleasant, soothing, and rejuvenating. It is a peaceful place. We even go down in the winter to see the frozen bay – it is a humbling view, where nature inspires us with her beauty and vastness. In the Midwest, there aren’t many places like this!

If you are having breakfast at the White Gull Inn, and you have to wait, take a short walk. We even know a couple who were engaged sitting right on one of the three benches here at Sunset Park – it’s that kind of a place.

Enjoy! We always do! Maybe we’ll see you down there!

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Cave Point Park
For Info: call Door County Parks & Recreation: 920-746-2914

Spectacular! A must! If you do not stop at Cave Point Park, you will not truly know Door County!  And, we receommend that you check out Door County Kayak Tours so that you can take a tour of Cave Point by kayak - just awesome.   Check it out here, and tell them at DoorCountyNavigator sent you:  Door County Kayak Tours, Cave Point!  Read our Trusted Review of Door County Kayak Tours!

OK. Where is Sevastopol you ask? Not one of your familiar towns in Door County? Head over to the Lake side, and head south on Hwy 57, past Baileys Harbor, then past Jacksonport. In a moment you will see a sign for Whitefish Dunes State Park, and Cave Point.

Follow the Cave Point signs and find one of the treasures in Door County (at the end of County WD)! This beautiful 19 acre park has picnic areas and rest rooms too. But the beauty is in the unusual rock formations that make up the “cave.” You have to be very careful here with kids, because there is a tremendous drop off with no fences o hold you back or tell you where to stop – so mind the little ones and mind yourself too.

There is a path that leads off to the left that will bring you to an area where you can “climb” down (really stop down) to a plateau of rock. From here, the vista is nice of the Green Bay waters. Closer up to the “cave” formation, you can see the waves lapping against the curved formation below. On a windy day, this is one great show! The waves aren’t lapping, they are crashing, and when they do, the water sprays all the way up the curved walls to the top where you are in a glorious show of force and beauty – a good 20 or more feet into the air! It looks like a 4th of July fireworks, only with crisp, crystal clear water! It is a wonderful experience.

The scene is just beautiful, with age-old rock formations, the smell of pine trees, sun and water – and the sound of the waves! Your senses will delight in this unique spot!

We have visited Cave Point is all seasons, and it is a site to behold in all. Cave Point is a photo opportunity and if you time it just right, you can catch a picture of yourself just when the huge spray is behind you! What a remembrance.

In winter, be especially careful of slippery rocks and ice formations – but the majesty of Cave Point covered in snow and ice is breathtaking too. In fall, with the trees changing, it is colorful and grand. Get a seasonal shot in all for seasons – then frame them up for a very special tribute to this Door County gem!

There are public restrooms and some picnic tables available, but come for the view which is just breathtaking. This is a must stop, which is a little out of the way, but take the time to enjoy this Door County Gem!

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Door County, Wi is a treasure trove of discoveries! As often as you come to Door County, you can always discover one more gem among the many you already know! Here, we will try to highlight some of the unusual places and things we have discovered in Door County – from unique inns, to shops to theater to vistas to parks and tiny little spots. Something different! So keep checking back here – and maybe you will discover treasure along your way in Door County, Wisconsin! and remember to check out the Peninsula Profiles too!

We archive all of our past Gems in the "Gem Box" at the bottom of this page - so scroll down and take a look!


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Marathon “Service” Station
Ellison Bay

Ok, it’s true – it’s weird to have a gas station be a genuine “gem” in Door County. You might be wondering, “Has the Navigator gone mad?”

Well, we assure you, we scour the county constantly for things we think real people would like to know. So, we are recommending that while you are in Door County and you need a fill-up, head on into the Marathon station in Ellison Bay. “A fill-up,” you wonder? Yes, a “fill-up.”

Pull up to one of the three pumps, but don’t look for credit card slots or fancy electronics on these three pumps. No sir. No ma’am. In fact, don’t even get out of your car.

That’s right. Someone will be right with you – a real live person will actually exit the interior station part or from one of the two mechanics’ bays, greet you and ask what need. OK, this is where it gets tricky. You must tell the station attendant what type of gas you want. You know, the kind you usually get out of the car and pump yourself. Don’t be flustered and forget, just tell the attendant, and he/she will pump your gas for you! That’s right! Some may remember when gas stations were called “service” stations. Yes, the attendant pumps your gas for you here! And, wait – hang on – he also really cleaned my windshield – the bugs were gone!

And inside, they sell pop and candy bars and stuff like that. This is a trip in the “way-back” machine, and if you like to be reminded of much simpler times, with no false pretenses or marketing gimmickry, then pull into the Marathon Service Station in Ellison Bay. It is truly a wonderful experience, costs no more than gas anywhere else, and is the only station we know of that still does this! This is a true Door County Gem!

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Ellison Bluff Park
Ellison Bay

The 250 miles of beautiful coastlines of Door County are well known to most, as is the fact that because Door County is a peninsula, it has more lighthouses than any other county in the U.S.

But finding an isolated spot of beauty, where you can experience first-hand the beauty of this fabulous County sometimes is tough. Ellison Bluff Park is one of these places of beauty, with a vista that is spectacular, and a park probably most of us have not been too, let alone experienced its beauty for ourselves.

So, our second Door County Gem is Ellison Bluff Park! It is indeed in Ellison Bay, so that’s why “Ellison” is in its name; and, it sits high upon a thickly wooded bluff; so “Bluff” is in its name; and yes, it is also a park with some picnic tables and rest rooms, so “Park” is a natural. But they should have put the “Bay” in its name. Because, Ellison Bluff Park provides a vista of the shimmering waters of Green Bay like few other places in Door County.
When on the south end of Ellison Bay, you will see a sign for Ellison Bluff Park – do follow the signs and take a few precious moments that will provide you with many lasting memories of beauty. Head down Porcupine Rd. to Ellison Bluff Road, and keep going. You will find a spot to park the car. Then hike up to the bluff area! There are a couple of “look-out” spots that are respite to sore city eyes. Don’t forget the camera – you will want to take some pictures here so you can remember it well! Truly, on any kind of a day, whether it’s foggy, clear and sunny or somewhere in between, Ellison Bluff Park has much to offer!

Look below to the trees, pines, flowers and water. For the most part, it will not be crowded, so you will have a special moment to commune with nature and enjoy. You might find a couple or two in love, hugging and enjoying their time together, or a family or two taking advantage of the park and the view. Whoever you find there, they too will be special – not everyone comes to the Bluff, so make sure you are one of them!

Take it is for all it’s worth; and it’s worth a lot because it is one of Door County’s Gems!

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