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Cornerstone Suites

6960 Hwy 42, Egg Harbor, WI,
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Winter Hours

All winter!

You have passed this barn many times if you have been to Door County, and, if you were like us, you would think it looks like a pretty nice old barn. Well, it’s not only a pretty nice old barn, it’s a wonderful antique shop, and one heck of an inn!

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Cornerstone Suites, Egg Harbor Wi lodging in Door County

Yes, there are four gorgeous suites in this inn that we think are unknown gems in Door County — this is worth the read!

Here is a hidden treasure that is yours to find. We spent over an hour with Darryl and Mettie, the innkeepers, and relished every minute! And if you like antiques, the ground level is an antique store that they run.


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Cornerstone Suites offers these accommodations:

  • Genuine super discovery, a definite hidden gem and real find for you
  • Four gorgeous suites in a converted barn
  • The Cornerstone Suite is 1,200 square feet offering two bedrooms and two-plus levels (don’t miss the silo sunroom above), primitive antiques, white pine floors, exposed beams, painted wood trim, and more
  • Garden Suite includes a beveled-glass door entry to impressive bedroom, hot tub, antique armoire, silo sunroom, and more
  • Mettie Rose Suite and Sweet Clover Suite also impeccable
  • A guest wrote, “An absolutely serene, peaceful and soul-rejuvenating environment.”

Other features:

  • Antique shop on lower level
  • Daryl and Mettie are the long-time innkeepers
  • Winter hours!
  • Rates so reasonable you will want to call now!

Call to make your reservation today!

Cornerstone Suites
6960 Hwy. 42
Egg Harbor, WI   54209
Telephone (888)495-3005


Full Trusted Review

The Cornerstone Suite

Cornerstone Suites, Egg Harbor lodging in Door CountyThe Cornerstone Suite, about 1,200 s.f., is impressive. When you first walk in, you see the beauty of the kitchen and living room area, appointed with "primitive-style" antiques, including an 1850’s cupboard, and a painted wood corner cabinet. A comfy couch, oriental rug with an antique sled-made-into-a-coffee-table, a couple of chairs, a fireplace and huge windows overlooking the front of the barn and roads makes this suite elegant. The floors are all white pine, while lots of rough wood, exposed beams and teal painted woodwork add to the charm.

One bedroom had an old Orchard Farms hand-painted sign for the headboard, while the bed is covered with a multi-colored star patterned quilt. An antique pine armoire, exposed beam ceiling, green trimmed woodwork and antique nightstand complete the look.

The bath has a standard tub, shower and one spectacular surprise: in the silo-part of the barn in this suite is a hot tub, with a domed ceiling with stars painted on it, and a hand-painted mural of a farm scene with stone walls that surrounds the round room. It took a month of painting by a French artist named Poplaski, who happens to be a Zorro expert and has published a couple of books on the subject. Awesome!

We’re not finished with this suite yet! Upstairs, you reach a landing that has a long primitive bench for resting and pondering, and this loft overlooks the living room below — spectacular! And, up here is the second bedroom, with a metal bed frame, blue and yellow quilt, rocker, French primitive wardrobe, a gothic window, two skylights and a small private bath.

Hey wait! We’re still not finished with this suite! Even further upstairs in the silo is the "silo sunroom," a sitting room surrounded by windows, with rattan furniture, a side table made from a gum tree that used to house a bee-hive (don’t worry, all gone!), and a ceiling fan to cool you down! Wonderful! Do guest like this suite? Here is what some said:

  • "An absolutely serene, peaceful and soul-rejuvenating environment."
  • "Visually stunning. The layout is exquisite. The Cornerstone is truly a treasure!"
  • "A wonderful place to collect one’s thoughts and be with the one you love."

We agree 100%. This is a unique find.

Cornerstone Suites, Garden Suite,  Egg Harbor Wi lodging in Door CountyThe Garden Suite
Walk into the second suite, and your eyes are swept up and around — it looks like you are standing on the outside of your Victorian home — with a view of the kitchen area, and a porch that leads up and up! You step from the outside right into the kitchen area, with a primitive double-door cupboard, old 4 panel door, which Darryl and Mettie called their "corn-patch" door because of its greens and yellows, peaked ceiling and fan. Wow!

Walk upstairs — it’s like you’re on your porch — and you overlook the kitchen area from ceiling height! To the left is a living room with TV, bright and colorful. A gas, free-standing fireplace, a gorgeous and peaceful view of the surrounding farm fields, ceiling fan bench-made-into-a-coffee table, and a large couch make it a relaxing environment.

Step up again through a door with a large beveled-glass window into an impressive bedroom, with a hot tub surrounded by and green and rose trellis, an antique armoire, metal bed frame covered with a leaf-and-herbs motif spread, a private bath through another old 4-panel door, skylight, ceiling fan. What else can you need? Well, there’s a small two-person deck just outside the room too. What a suite. Are we finished? No!

Silo Sunroom at Cornerstone Suites, Egg Harbor Wi lodging in Door CountyGo up a few more steps from the bedroom level and find a nice, cozy sunroom with white wicker furniture, a wonderful view of the fields, and woodwork trimmed in a muted rose. Yes — you’re in the silo again!

We toured the Mettie Rose Suite and the Sweet Clover Suite s well, and thees are also impecable.   You will love any of these suites and will be telling all your friends about it (or maybe bot if you want to keep it a secret)!  Watch the video for a great tour of this wonderful place.

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OK, now we are finished with the tour! This place is a definite hidden gem, a real find for you, and if you book this and bring your spouse or significant other, they will say when you pull up to the old barn, "What have you done? Why did you book us here? Do we live in a barn?" They step inside, and wow — you will be a hero. This is the kind of barn we’d all like to live in!  And it's open all winter too!

We won’t even quote the rates for Cornertsone Suites — they were so reasonable, we would call them right now for a reservation! Click though to their site for a beautiful tour — and tell them where you found them! We think this is a genuine super-discovery, and be sure to tell them that sent you!!

For your convenience, here is a peek at their website. To open it fully, click the link on the lower left of the frame.

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